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Final steps with My XPress Vision and dissemination...

Project meeting Sligo - picture of all project partners in Sligo… of the project products have been the focus areas of the 6th project meeting which took place at NCBI Sligo/Dublin (Ireland) in September 2011. The six project partners concentrated on completing the e-learning platform my.xpressvision.eu which now displays toNCBI Dublin Assistive devicespics around visual perception, social interaction and job application in five languages. Among others, the project partners made their arrangements for a variety of dissemination activities which will be realized at the 10th anniversary ENVITER meeting in Berlin (Germany) in November this year.


My XPressVision and Best Practice …


... have been the main topics on our 5th transnational project meeting at Keskuspuisto Vocational College  (KPAO, former Arla Institute) in Helsinki, Finland at the end of June.

KPAO meeting

The internet platform “My XPress Vision” has been within the main focus during the two days talks. This platform, which will be the main outcome of project, concentrates on vision impairment, social interaction, successful application and working in a job. It will be available to the public in all project partners’ languages - Bulgarian, German, English, Finnish and Italian. You may have a look at the latest developments within this platform at: http://my.xpressvision.eu.

Celia Helsinki


Another project’s product is a brochure telling about people with vision impairment successfully working in their jobs. This brochure on „Career perspectives for people who have vision impairment“ is available at: http://www.xpressvision.eu/products.


The meeting was accompanied by multiple insights into the work of the Finnish colleagues and a visit to the Finnish Association for the Blind Iiris with its impressive “Celia” library for people with vision impairment.

Bulgaria: XPYV presented at a National conference

XPYV бе представен на Национална конференцияOn 09.05.2011, Stefan Danchev, Alexandrina Kostova and Veronika Kertikova took part in a National Conference under the “Establishing a social enterprise “Labor office for visually impaired people” Project, where the Rehabilitation for the Blind Foundation is a partner for the town of Plovdiv. Since the discussed topics corresponded very closely to the problems and subjects of the Xpress Your Vision Project, it was presented to the participants from the whole country. Mincho Koralski – executive director of the Agency for disabled people in Bulgaria, Vassil Dolapchiev – chairman of the Union of the blind in Bulgaria, prof. Vladimir Radulov – a professor at the Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”, representatives of non governmental organizations, employers, visually impaired people and successfully employed visually impaired people attended and took part in the conference as well.

XPYV бе представен на Национална конференцияStefan Danchev presented the topics, relevant to the employment of visually impaired people, their vocational preparedness, training, motivation and interaction with the whole society. He announces the results of the project Xpress Your Vision – its products, web site, brochures. Marin Peichev – a successfully employed visually impaired person, presented in the brochure of the project, took part in the conference and presented a short story, telling about the process of job seeking. The information created a great interest and provoked a lot of questions by the participants, as well as a follow-up discussion on the employment of the visually impaired people in Bulgaria and Europe.

Germany: 11th symposium on "New model of rehabilitation" with focus on self-learning competences and e-learning

Petra Greiser during her lecture about XPressYourVisionThe 11th symposium at BFW Dresden (Germany) on "New model of rehabilitation" focused on self-learning competences and e-learning. The project XPressYourVision was as representative of BFW Halle one of the speakers. Petra Greiser presented during her lecture, focused on barrier-free e-learning for people with vision impairment, how blind and vision impaired people are working with e-learning solutions based on Moodle. She introduced the e-learning platform of the project, MyXPressVision, to the audience.

Daniel Schimrik at the booth of the project XPressYourVisionAt our booth, interested people could check-out our e-learning platform as well as working at the platform by using assistive technologies.

Strategies at the workplace and successful job application…

XPressYourVision members in front of UIC headquarter…have been among the main topics of the XPress Your Vision meeting in Ascoli Piceno (Italy) on March 29-30. The project seeks to support people with vision impairment to successfully apply for a job and to develop strategies to easily work with colleagues or clients. The project partners discussed the current developmental state of the e-learning platform MyXPressVision which is meant to provide job application and visual impairment related information. The first module on communication and visual perception is already publicly available at my.xpressvision.eu.

TAt the XPressYourVision meetinghe Italian Association for the Blind (UIC) was the host of the meeting and organised several presentations and talks with experts in the field of visual impairment and with former students of UIC who are successfully working in a job now.

Visit of Museo Omero in AnconaThe current outcomes of the project have also been presented to ENVITER board members (European Network for Vision Impairment Training Education & Research) and to local authorities of Ascoli Piceno and the Marche region during related meetings.