Germany: 11th symposium on "New model of rehabilitation" with focus on self-learning competences and e-learning

Petra Greiser during her lecture about XPressYourVisionThe 11th symposium at BFW Dresden (Germany) on "New model of rehabilitation" focused on self-learning competences and e-learning. The project XPressYourVision was as representative of BFW Halle one of the speakers. Petra Greiser presented during her lecture, focused on barrier-free e-learning for people with vision impairment, how blind and vision impaired people are working with e-learning solutions based on Moodle. She introduced the e-learning platform of the project, MyXPressVision, to the audience.

Daniel Schimrik at the booth of the project XPressYourVisionAt our booth, interested people could check-out our e-learning platform as well as working at the platform by using assistive technologies.