Bulgaria: XPYV presented at a National conference

XPYV бе представен на Национална конференцияOn 09.05.2011, Stefan Danchev, Alexandrina Kostova and Veronika Kertikova took part in a National Conference under the “Establishing a social enterprise “Labor office for visually impaired people” Project, where the Rehabilitation for the Blind Foundation is a partner for the town of Plovdiv. Since the discussed topics corresponded very closely to the problems and subjects of the Xpress Your Vision Project, it was presented to the participants from the whole country. Mincho Koralski – executive director of the Agency for disabled people in Bulgaria, Vassil Dolapchiev – chairman of the Union of the blind in Bulgaria, prof. Vladimir Radulov – a professor at the Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”, representatives of non governmental organizations, employers, visually impaired people and successfully employed visually impaired people attended and took part in the conference as well.

XPYV бе представен на Национална конференцияStefan Danchev presented the topics, relevant to the employment of visually impaired people, their vocational preparedness, training, motivation and interaction with the whole society. He announces the results of the project Xpress Your Vision – its products, web site, brochures. Marin Peichev – a successfully employed visually impaired person, presented in the brochure of the project, took part in the conference and presented a short story, telling about the process of job seeking. The information created a great interest and provoked a lot of questions by the participants, as well as a follow-up discussion on the employment of the visually impaired people in Bulgaria and Europe.