My XPressVision and Best Practice …


... have been the main topics on our 5th transnational project meeting at Keskuspuisto Vocational College  (KPAO, former Arla Institute) in Helsinki, Finland at the end of June.

KPAO meeting

The internet platform “My XPress Vision” has been within the main focus during the two days talks. This platform, which will be the main outcome of project, concentrates on vision impairment, social interaction, successful application and working in a job. It will be available to the public in all project partners’ languages - Bulgarian, German, English, Finnish and Italian. You may have a look at the latest developments within this platform at:

Celia Helsinki


Another project’s product is a brochure telling about people with vision impairment successfully working in their jobs. This brochure on „Career perspectives for people who have vision impairment“ is available at:


The meeting was accompanied by multiple insights into the work of the Finnish colleagues and a visit to the Finnish Association for the Blind Iiris with its impressive “Celia” library for people with vision impairment.